About Us

Entrustient was founded on the belief that there’s a better way to ensure the visibility of an individual’s identity, is aligned to the ownership of their life-long digital footprint. And to accomplish that mission, we’ve assembled a talented team of subject matter experts in identity verification, blockchain, scalable architectures, strategy, legal, compliance and product innovation.

Verifiable digital blockchain credentials that focus on getting it right


Every individual should have an identity from birth to death.


Users have the ultimate authority of their identity and can manage, control, share their credentials at anytime.


Users should be able to access their identities and data without restriction at all times.


Our blockchain platform offers unrivalled transparency in the case of its fully auditable and valid ledger of transactions


The identity should last forever, or at least for as long as the user wishes.


Identity credentials and attestations are transportable at the direction of the credential holder.


Users’ rights to privacy must always come first, being protected.


Users must give explicit permission for another entity to access and/or utilize their data.


A user should have the ability to share only the least possible amount of data necessary, to accomplish the task at hand.


Our team’s experiences range from engineering disruptive and complex technologies in start-ups, investment banking, government agencies, to enterprise-level technology delivery and product development in organizations like: Department of Defense, Social Services Administration, United Nations, Accenture, KPMG, GE Capital, Credit Suisse, Amazon, IBM and Verizon to lead the pace in industry innovations.

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